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LED flat panels are designed for drop ceilings in several applications such as schools, office, and healthcare facilities. 

Troffers are rectangular shaped, energy-efficient solutions to easily upgrade fixtures to LED technology. They are designed to fit into ceiling panels or drop ceilings and can be used in indoor commercial or industrial settings. 

Downlights are the perfect solution for easy-to-install recessed lighting in hospitality spaces, retail spaces, offices, and more. They are designed to connect directly and eliminate the need for traditional recessed housing. 

High bay lighting is designed for use in high-ceiling areas. This includes settings such as warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and large retail stores. 

Indoor linear fixtures are suitable for commercial, industrial, retail, and residential applications. This can include spaces such as workshops, storage, and more. 

Retrofit kits are a cost-effective solution to upgrade fluorescent troffers to LED easily. Kits use existing troffer housing to reduce labor and speed up completion time. 

Lightbars are functional and decorative lighting solutions that are compact and easy to mount. They are designed to illuminate tight corners and smaller spaces easily. 

Pendant lighting are designed to provide light above and below the fixture. This style combines function with design to create a positive ambiance in any commercial space. 


Decorative indoor lighting, including LED light strips, offer a modern and creative way to light an interior space.